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As I’ve been thinking about writing for a while and the list of essays I want to write keeps getting longer. Now, that doesn’t mean that the essays themselves are getting written though.

I keep buying more books that look interesting. I keep reading blog posts that attract my attention. I keep liking instagram posts that I am envious of because they’re posting about content I want to be involved with (and they’re getting hundreds of likes). All of this can be great and really inspirational or it can be creatively debilitating. Everyone knows it’s really easy to over-consume artistically…

Original artwork by the author

Or in other words, why has GRIN started writing?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this question is an irrelevant thing to write about. You’re on Medium for a reason. You clicked a link somewhere to get to this essay and you must have at least the passing interest in reading in general to get this far. So is it important why GRIN has started writing? GRIN is a creative design agency so in some respects, does it really matter what we write? Given that our bread and butter is visual design, you might ask; Does writing add anything to a visual communication practice?

Using the four motives that…

Original artwork by Gareth Davies, 2020

For a while now, I’ve seen a lot of designers using deliberately mismatched font combinations. I know there has been a trend to use, what would have previously been seen as very unfashionable/unsuitable, fonts within work that is more artistic/fashion led (especially in zines). While at the same time, a lot of digital work has been utilising the “new ugly” or “brutalist” approach as well. However, the examples that got me thinking the most about cultural appropriation in typography were a couple of zines I had seen that specifically used the font Mandarin (I took a screengrab of it and…

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